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Hello there.

I have first seen the light of the day in 1999, which is a perfectly good year to be born. For instance, I just barely missed out on a variety of business opportunities to extract cash from people via the internet. Neither did I invent online shopping, nor did I start a big social network. I was not allowed to invest in Bitcoin either.

photo of me at IKEA

As if that were not enough, my generation seems to suffer from a collective existential crisis (which is solely our own fault and has nothing to do with our surroundings, climate change or a soul-crushing zeitgeist).

When I am not complaining about missed opportunities or try to come up with early retirement schemes, I am highly focused on my daydreams or the screen I tend to sit in front of.

I have been held hostage by various universities since 2017.

a monochrome cat, suspiciously sitting behind a plant
I am also friends with this strange feline, Frau Schneider.


I watch films on occasion, even though I'd like to frequent cinemas more often. Here is some software that I wrote. I rarely play video games, but I have appreciated Riven, Hotline Miami, Metal Gear Solid, Snatcher, Conker's Bad Fur Day and Thimbleweed Park. Quentin Dupieux is my favourite filmmaker. I track my listening habits. I would love to develop both a text adventure and an isometric rendering engine if I had more time and motivation.