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I am Martin and this right here is my personal website. I use it as a creative garbage dump where I want to put all my ideas, thoughts, observations, and so on.

✈ onboarding ✈

There is no sitemap. Just click on things that look interesting.

In case you get lost, the breadcrumb menu at the top of the page offers a way out.

à la carte

I recommend the following albums to listen to while browsing this site:

origin story

I have been sporadically creating personal and non-personal websites since 2006, when I asked dad if we could learn how to make web sites at KVHS Harz. The other participants regularly thought that my father must have forced his poor six-year-old to attend this course. Ha.

Even though the course was quite outdated and bad (even for 2006 standards — think <FONT> and <FRAMESET>, ugh!), it resonated with me and I began creating home pages on my own.

this site

Since 2018, I have — once again — a personal home page. More on that here.

»Der Außenseiter ist nur dann einer, wenn er es auf allen Ebenen durchzieht.«

-- H. Weidner